Welcome to The Hiking Chick Hiking Club

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


box Well... My name is Sue a.k.a. Q and I love being outdoors and for a few years couldn't find any other women to enjoy it with, God forbid they did something that might actually make them sweat or get dirty! But when my good friend Kim and I got back in touch that was the end of it, we were off hiking, sometimes close to home and sometimes not, either way it's just getting together and doing something positive that matters.

boxSo we got a few other girls to go and the idea just came to me on one of the trips to start my own site dedicated to getting other people to come with us or at least to get out and be inspired to go on their own. You can't beat how you feel after you just climbed up a tough rock scramble or just walking through the woods and hearing the sound of a stream or river running by you. For us it's not about how well we do it, just that we DO IT! For me it's all about doing something positive, something that makes me feel connected to nature and disconnected from my email for a little while!

boxIt's not just the girls either we do let the guys come and sometimes we meet new people on the trail and and finish up together and go for something to eat together after the hike. We have met some really nice people on the way and made some new friends and we hope to continue the friendships for years to come.

So I hope to see you all on the trail and if you see a bunch a chicks hiking don't be shy just say HI!